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The Smoke Will Clear.com

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The Smoke Will Clear
Concert Photography. Interviews.


Meet the staff:
Selene: Photographer and Web Site Owner.
Cities Covered: Denver CO, Colorado Springs CO, Boulder CO

Kate: Photographer and Graphic Design.
Cities Covered: Reno NV, Sacramento CA, San Francisco CA, Long Beach CA, Los Angeles CA, Hollywood CA, Irvine CA, Anaheim CA, Fullerton CA, San Diego CA, Pomona CA

Amanda: Photographer and Web Site.
Cities Covered: Reno NV, Sacramento CA, San Francisco CA

Taylor: Photographer.
Cities Covered: Portland OR, Salem OR

Ashley: Photographer.
Cities Covered: St. Louis MO, Chicago IL, Kansas City MO, Lawrence KS, Phoenix AZ, California

Christina: Photographer.
Cities Covered: Philadelphia, New York

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