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Welcome! [Jul. 4th, 2006|11:32 am]
The Smoke Will Clear.com
Welcome to The Smoke Will Clear's livejournal. You can find updates, news and a whole lot more about the site here. We also have a myspace, so be our friend! There's also a really cool buzznet where you can see pictures from our roadtrips and stuff that goes on behind the scenes. You can also jump on the message boards and let us know things you'd like to see on the site and whatnot.

Put some snazzy The Smoke Will Clear banners on your lj, myspace or where ever your heart deems fit! Thanks to Steve Frangella for the banners!

Feel free to e-mail, comment, be our friend, IM, bother/annoy us because we love hearing from all of you! If you will be attending a show that we'll be at, chat us up! We'd love to meet you!